Monday, June 16, 2014

Mutta Vellappam


Vellappam Batter- 1 laddle for one appam
Egg -1
Pepper- to taste
Salt- to taste

Keep appa chatti on the gas. You can use either nonstick pans or iron pans. I always prefer iron pans as the texture of the appams comes excellent in iron pans. Grease the appam chatti with gingelly oil. Pour one ladle of batter. Round the vessel once by holding the ears of the appam chatti. keep the  flame in medium.
Break an egg and pour the egg to the center of the appam. Sprinkle Salt and pepper Powder. if you want fully cooked egg you can close and cook with a lid. if not, open and cook.When the edges of the appam turns brown and crisp remove from fire.

Relish the tasty and simple mutta vellappam...:)

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