Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mor milagai / Thayir mulaku / kondattam mulaku / Sun dried chillies


Green Chillies  - 250 gms
Curd -  250 gms
water - 1 cup
Salt -  4 tblsp or as needed


Clean the chillies well by soaking in water for few minutes. Do not remove the stalk. Stain water and keep chillies aside.
Whisk curd (you can use sour leftover curd also) add water, if too thick. Add salt and mix well.

Slit a little along side or at the bottom of the chilli. This is for salt and buttermilk ( mor) to get inside easily while soaking. Add slit chillies to the buttermilk, stir well and soak it overnight. 

Next day take out the chillies from butter milk and spread on a plate and dry in hot sun. Let it dry for the whole day.

By evening, again put the chillies back in the buttermilk, mix well and keep closed overnight. 

Next day, repeat the process......

Likewise, repeat drying until all the whole  buttermilk gets into the chillies. Then just keep drying the chilli alone in sun for few days in hot sun until the chillies are dried up completely. Number of days that it will take for drying depend on the heat of the sun.

Store in a closed container and fry when every needed... 

Heat enough oil and fry the chillies until deep dark brown. My brother like it blackened he says it tastes great that way :)

And there......its ready..... thair mulaku or mor millagai tastes excellent with rice or thair sadham....

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