Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rawa kesari

Sarithamani.... Here is your Rawa kesari. This k-sari is specially made for you, Sari....


Rawa- 1 cup
Cardamon-2 nos
Cashewnuts,Raisins - Few
Orange Food color- 1/4 tsp or (Soak 2-3 saffron strands in 2 tbsp warm milk)
Ghee-1/4 Cup


Keep a pan on gas and add ghee to it. Add cleaned and broken cashew nuts and roast .   

When cashew nuts turn light brown add cleaned raisins also. when done remove nuts and raisins from the ghee and keep aside.

To this ghee itself add rawa and roast for 5 min.Keep on stirring so that it won't get burned. Also keep medium flame.only if the rava is roasted properly will the kesari taste good.otherwise it will be sticky sticky...


Side by side in an another vessel keep 2 cups water and boil. Mix the food color in water.


Pour this water into the roasted rawa and stir again .stir well by breaking lumps,if any.  

Also add sugar and milk and stir well. Add sugar only if the rawa is only cooked properly.Else, sugar stops rawa from getting cooked.

Add some nuts and raisins also. 

As you stir you will see the kesari starts leaving it sides and rolling with the spatula. Remove from fire. Grease a bowl with ghee and put some nuts and raisins to the bowl. Put kesari into it and press well. once you turn upside down,you will get the kesari in the shape of that bowl. 
 And there, enjoy rawakesari......:)

Recipe Courtesy: Mrs.Latha


  1. 'Mouthwateringly' descriptive... Who took the pictures, Nithechi?


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