Saturday, November 30, 2013

Butter (Making butter at home)


After the boiled milk  cools down, the cream get accumulated on the top of the milk. collect them with a spoon and store it a container. If the milk is refrigerated  we can get thick layer of cream .

In a bottle or container add one spoon of curd. Then Collect cream daily to this bottle. (For about 20 days or till your container is full). keep  the bottle refrigerated. You can use cream from both curd and milk.

Wait till  your bottle / container is full...Keep the filled bottle outside the fridge for two days before making butter.

Transfer the collected cream from the bottle to the mixer jar. Pour 1/2 to 1 cup of chilled water also. Use whip option or swirl 2-3 times. Once the froth completely turns to a collective buttery mass stop.

Open and check you can see the butter accumulated. Transfer the butter to a vessel. The buttermilk reserved at the bottom can be disposed.

Wash the butter 2 -3 times in water until water is clear by pressing with a spoon. Allow the butter to float in water for 5mins. 

Your homemade butter is ready for use.......... :) Collect it in a clean container and refrigerate it by pouring water also in the vessaL....:)

Recipe Courtesy: Mrs.Prassana Sugathan (Amma)

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